Friday, August 01, 2008

The Prudish French?

The French are now putting 'wine on the internet' on the same level as 'pornography on the internet.' Since when are the French so prudish and, how shall I say this, so incredibly moronic?

By default, wine was not legally able to be sold via the internet in France. Proposed new laws put an explanation point on that notion and further specify that government approval must be sought from any sites marketing wine on the internet -- with the exception of winery websites. Even with government approval, these sites can only be frequented during certain hours of the day.

, isn't that the idea of the Internet; that you can access information (or whatever it is you are looking for) anytime, anywhere? What is the point of "closing the door" on someone just because it is, say, 3am in France? I could go on but it feels ridiculous to give this mind-bending legislation more air time.

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