Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prosecco Enters American Lingua

The latest edition of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary contains the word ‘Prosecco’ among other epicurean-leaning words. The people at Merriam-Webster keep an eye on words that creep into the American vernacular over the years. This time around, prosecco, the obviously popular Italian sparkling wine, made the cut along with soju, Korean vodka distilled from rice, and edamame, the ever fashionable soybean treat. Does this say something about America’s growing interest in artisan foods and fine wines?

Fear not! These gourmand related terms join such Americana champs as wing nut, Texas Hold ’em, subprime, kiteboarding, and mental health day. Not to mention our very own American princess, Paris Hilton, is a Prosecco spokesbimbo. All is right with the world. (Please refer to Merriam-Webster.com for precise definitions. )


PS: Edamame goes pretty well with Prosecco if you ask Vino Girl! ;)


  1. I've found prosecco to be a great vehicle for mixing with peach nectar (bellini), creme de cassis, and kirsch. Zardetto gets my vote for an excellent everyday and reasonable prosecco. Recently, I had a red grape cava at a restaurant that was spectacular ... any tips on good cava? I suspect it might be a budget-friendly choice for bubbly like prosecco is.

  2. Isn't bellini created by Cipriani? Love it. Prosecco is the new champagne! True different vinification process, but nothing is as refreshing as a good glass of prosecco. I recommend "Hi! Prosecco", definitely the best value wine out there, and also "La Marca" and "desiderio Bisol & Figli". Now I am looking for a good Prosecco cocktail book...anyone?