Friday, August 22, 2008

Love for Cali Cabs

We’re happy to see that good old California Cab is getting some love these days – from the New York Times no less! This happens to be pretty good timing (Eric, you could have waited a month) for the opening of our wine store, California Wine Merchants, in Lower Manhattan.

The shop has been an all-consuming project for Winemonkey and myself; witness the absence of blog entries of late. Actually, we’re sorry to say that blog entries have diminished considerably for the last 8 months or so as we toiled away securing liquor licenses, engineer drawings, and building permits with the help of lawyers, architects, expeditors, and the like. We are now beginning our final approach and are set to land in the Financial District (FiDi as the cool kids call it) in late September 2008. Visit to see the transformation of the space from a fiesta-colored empanada cafe (the former tenants) to a warm and welcoming boutique wine shop.

We hope to introduce NYC to amazing, small production juice we have discovered in California – and that previously did not make it out of California – as well as some brands that had been allocated to restaurants only. We will also pay homage to the famous faces that put California wine on the map, including big names like Beringer, the so-called CA cult wines, and fine and rare offerings. You’ll be sure to find some of the balanced, restrained Napa Cabs mentioned in Eric Asimov’s NY Times article such as Clark-Claudon, Continuum, Corison, HdV, Heitz, Seps, and Spottswoode to name a few. In short, THE GOOD STUFF. ;)

We’ll keep you posted and hope you will stop by when the doors open. Cheers!

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