Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Good Stuff Goin' On

Loyal Drink the Good Stuff readers may have noticed a slight lag in blog entries of late and for that we apologize. Winemonkey and Vino Girl have a lot going on these days (excuses, excuses) not the least of which is the fact that yours truly Vino Girl is writing a book. “A book about what?” You ask. A book about wine, dummies!

Speaking of dummies, the book is part of a series along the lines of the “Dummies” handbooks and “Complete Idiot’s” guides and is called “At Your Fingertips.” (Much nicer ring to it, wouldn’t you say, than the “Absolute Moron’s Manual” or the “Mental Defective, Halfwit, Jackass Guide”). In fact, “At Your Fingertips” is brought to you by Alpha Books, a division of the Penguin group, which also publishes the “Complete Idiots” guides.

Anyhoo, you can decide for yourself whether or not I have the talent to write "Wine At Your Fingertips" when it comes out in the fall of 2008. For now, let me get back to our running list of excuses…

Winemonkey is heating things up in Greece at the moment, where he is vacationing in Athens, Crete and Santorini. Let’s just hope he is staying away from any stray fires and, more importantly, Retsina.

Vino Girl is preparing to jet off to Tuscany when Winemonkey returns, spending a few days in Florence and a week in Chianti. Let’s hope for some good Sangiovese stories upon my return.

When I am not in Italy eating and drinking to my heart’s content and I feel I need a break from my book writing (that means now), I will absurdly take that break and write for the blog. Until then, CHEERS, YIAMAS, SALUTE!

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