Thursday, August 30, 2007

Caldwell Vineyard’s Re Entry 2003

Well, folks, Philippe Melka is at it again. Actually, he has been “at it” for some time as winemaker for Caldwell Vineyards, one of the many wineries on his consulting list.

Although we have not tasted the eponymous bottling of Caldwell’s Syrah/Cab blend, we have had the 2004 Rocket Science and the 2003 Re Entry, both of which are evocative of the smooth and balanced Melka style with ripe, rich can’t-mistake-it-for-anything-but-California fruit.

The 2004 Rocket Science is 32% Syrah, 32% Cabernet, and 30% Merlot with a pinch of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. A Bordeaux varietal wine with a big, spicy Syrah twist I guess you could call it. The cost on the Caldwell Vineyard website is $40.

We were unable to uncover the mystery of the blend for the 2003 Re-Entry. Is it a so-called second label? We can't be sure but the wine is a tad more rustic than Rocket Science yet still juicy, well-balanced and a great Cali drinker for around $20. The wine is unfortunately sold out on the website but was listed at $22 while it lasted.
Keep an eye out at your local wine store.

The Caldwell label was launched in 1998. Wines are Napa Valley designates and the vineyard sits adjacent the Carneros appellation, at 500 feet and above the fog.

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