Sunday, July 01, 2007

2006 L'estandon Cotes de Provence Rose

It's that time of year again - sunshine, beach blankets, barbecues, rolling blackouts (oh, stop!) and ... rose. We'll be tasting a series of rose wines at Drink The Good Stuff over the summer months and we pledge to report back to you with the delicious, the dreadful and everything in between.

Our first in the series, the 2006 L'estandon Cotes de Provence Rose falls securely in the "in between" category. We found it very rustic but with some nice body for a rose. The fruit was a bit candied, with some overt sweetness that might appeal to certain poolside imbibers. The final note was tart with citrus flavors and a lingering acidity. Overall, this is a passable rose but one we would not seek out again.

Intensity: B
Complexity: B
Balance & Structure: B+

Current Grade: B
Peak Grade: B

Taste for yourself -- $9.99 at Beacon Wine & Spirits!

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