Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We're Baaaaaaaaaack

Okay, so this (see accompanying picture) is why we have been off the blogging circuit for soooo very long. Our wine shop, California Wine Merchants, has finally opened in Manhattan’s Financial District! After lots of New-York-City-style red tape and much wrangling with contractors and expeditors, the doors opened in November 2008 ─ just in time for the holidays and, uh, the recession.

Thankfully, people are still buying wine (albeit not expensive wine) and we have been benefitting from some good word of mouth from the business community in the neighborhood. If you want to find out more, check out our website at If you are in the NYC area, we would love to see you in person at the shop!

Moving forward, we’ll be trying our best to provide you with pithy retail anecdotes as well as inform you of the latest and greatest wine gems coming out of California. Lest you think us self-serving for chatting up the very wines we sell (we know, we get it) you should know we taste every wine that comes in to the store, at every price point, to ensure that it is a good ─ and varietally correct ─ wine. Point being, we really do think these wines are great, bang-for-the-buck gems, we’re not just saying that.

One of our latest additions is the 2006 Wildhurst Vineyards Reserve Chardonnay from Lake County, California. Are you kidding?!?! This is one ridiculously good Chardonnay for $15.99! We poured it at a tasting event and even people that claimed to despise everything that is Chardonnay (so-called ABC, anything but Chardonnay, people) fell for it. It’s juicy with citrus fruit, apricot, melon, good texture, and a clean finish. It has an elegance that comes from the balance of weight and acidity. The name Wildhurst evokes the spreading California native oaks that dot the vineyard acreage at the winery.

Drink up. Cheers!

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