Saturday, February 21, 2009

Atticus John Cabernet

We were finally able to bring in the 2006 Atticus John Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley! We discovered this wine at a tasting on Inauguration Day; it really stood out in the crowd and when we found out who was making it we knew why. This winemaker (whose name we have promised not to disclose) generally makes seriously profound wines with cult like followings that go for upwards of $100 a bottle. We’re happy to say that, thanks to recession pricing on the part of the winery, we are able to sell this wickedly delicious and exceptionally well-made Cabernet for only $28.99. Now that’s something to boost your spirits in this depressing economy!

The wine is 85% Cabernet, 13% Merlot, 2% Petit Verdot and only 929 cases were produced in this vintage. The fruit is from some of the most expensive vineyards in the valley and farmed by a famous vineyard manager (yep, sworn to secrecy here too). This is a rich, juicy Cabernet Sauvignon with concentrated fruit and notes of black cherry, espresso, chocolate, and just a dash of spice. It is undoubtedly the best bang for the buck Cabernet we have in the store and one of our personal favorites.

As you know if you have been in the store since we brought this stuff in, we are very excited about it. Oh, and although the name invokes chants of “Attica, Attica”, you should note that the name is AttiCUS and the story behind the wine has nothing to do with prison riots! ;) Cheers.


  1. I heard it was Vineyard 29

  2. Or possibly Dalla Valle?

  3. the Cabernet is sourced from 25 acres with plantings from 1992-1999, which corresponds to Dalla Valle's 25 acres which were replanted in the 90's following Gustav Dalla Valle's death.
    Perhaps the Cab was purchased by Vineyard 29 and what was not used went into this wine ?

  4. I'm thinking left over juice from Vineyard 29 Cru, which may very well contain Dalla Valle Cab, as the gapes are sourced from the finest vineyards in the valley....

  5. Another thought is A and J Carter from Eureka.
    They may have either purchased a vineyard which they feel is not yet ready for their label, or they had extra juice left over from 2006.
    A stretch maybe, and really only because the A and J also stand for Atticus John .....

  6. I think all this is phony viral marketing. Ever notice how these supposed rumors all sound the same? Just like hoax e-mails that have been cut and pasted a thousand times.

    There is NO WAY this is Vineyard 29.

  7. Best bang for your buck.No clue how far it is true about vineyard 29 story,Trust your own pallet.I think it is a steal for the price.What a wine !!!!!!

  8. I've seen on other sites this wine receiving an 86 rating, I do not agree!  IMO, this is one of the best bottles per price point I've come across in quite some time! It could be the financial situation which makes sense. Using this logic
    when was the last time anyone saw Chalk Hill Red  being sold retail!  Not around  the NYC greater area, that blend has always been a steakhouse staple!
    I tend to agree the financial situation we find ourself in now is a buying opportunity if one can afford to that is!
    For the record, Atticus is a solid 90 and @ 19.95 on sale is a slam dunk! I'll make a profound statement, I taste Anderson Conn Valley only after having a glass of the Atticus after a wine tasting of Anderson 07 Est. Res. not long ago.
    That's my take and I'm sticking to it!