Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wine Hilarity of the Day: Crap Wine

Vino Girl was  catching up on the wine news this morning when she came across a hysterical little story on the website  I was drawn to it because it was a story about "crap wine", a term frequently used in wine circles to describe, well, crappy wine. 

 A wine from the Languedoc region in France, which has long been considered contemptible by more illustrious wine regions such as Burgundy and Bordeaux, has marketed a wine labeled " Vin de Merde," which translates literally to "wine of crap."  This snarky tip-of-the-hat to the critics of the Languedoc's still under appreciated wines sold out within days. Seventy-five hundred more bottles are being marketed to keep up with local demand.

 As the article points out, it is going to take more than this one success story to lift up the wine industry in the region, which has been floundering over the past 10 years despite marked improvement in quality. If the farmers keep at it, however, and retain the irony, who knows, the wine world may get more than a laugh out of it.


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  1. hehe. that is funny.
    i love french wines. they are a bargain.