Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wine At Your Fingertips

Please excuse this interruption of blogging as usual...

I have to admit to shameless promotion, but how often does a gal get the opportunity to say that her book is now available on It's true, Vino Girl is a published author! I worked hard writing a comprehensive wine reference last fall and all that drudgery has finally come to fruition in the form of my first book.

Wine At Your Fingertips is published by Penguin Publishing's Alpha Books. I must say, they really kept on me to produce a thorough, well-organized, and concise reference on wine that includes everything from growing grapes and making wine to buying and collecting it. All the world's top wine regions make an appearance as well as all the big grapes. Check it out if you like!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program....

Winemonkey and I plan on pressing the wine in our WinePod this weekend. Instead of basking in the glory of my authorship, I have been meticulously washing out our French oak barrel so that our wine can be siphoned in there without fear of overoaking. Stay tuned on that front.


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