Saturday, July 07, 2007

Now that's good stuff: Kosta Browne

This past May, Winemonkey and I were lucky enough to receive an allocation from Kosta Browne Winery after doing our time on the mailing list. Although we have yet to sample any of the single vineyard wines from Kosta Browne, we did score some 2005 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir (they produce two appellation wines -- Russian River and Sonoma Coast) and boy is it damn good.

The winery is a venture between Dan Kosta and Michael Brown -- thus the name -- and they specialize in producing high end Pinot Noir along with a little Syrah for good measure. The 2005 Russian River Valley Pinot is a blend of five vineyards and production is small, if not paltry, at 1,800 cases.

Although I was tempted to hold on to the bottles and give them some time in the old Eurocave, Vino Girl had some friends over for dinner and the kind that fully appreciate good wine. The website recommends drinking the wine "between 2008 and 2013" which gave me pause but then I decided to go for it.

The wine is "delish!" as my sister-in-law would say, as well as rich and intense with ripe red fruit and great acidity. You won't get the earthiness you experience in good Red Burgundy but, hey, this is not Red Burgundy this is California Pinot at its best. Vino Girl is not a fan of the "candied cherry" Pinots put out by some California producers but this is far from it -- lots of flavor, good depth and silky texture complete the package.

If you have some of this stuff (it looks like you can find some online for $75 - $100) and you want to wait a few years to drink it, by all means, but it’s drinking really well right now and I am not sure what age will really add to the experience.

Allocations for the 2005 Single Vineyard wines are due out in August and I am crossing my fingers. I am now officially out of my stash – damn epicurean friends! ;) Maybe Winemonkey will share??

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