Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wine Bar NYC - Park Blue

The semi-regular juice on New York City’s growing wine bar scene

Park Blue
Midtown West

158 West 58th Street bet. 6th and 7th Aves.
(212) 247-2727
Hours: Monday through Tuesday 5pm-2am, Wednesday through Saturday 5pm-3am (really 4am)

New York has seen the rise of the half bottle in wine bars around town. It is a format that we enjoy quite a bit since you can try twice as many wines for about the same price. One particular wine bar of note is the late night lounge Park Blue located across from the back of the Essex House.

This classy little haunt is located incredibly close to our offices and as such we have been enjoying its food and wine since it opened last year. Unfortunately, it's been a while since we've been there since we are notorious for spending way too much money and having far too good a time (especially on a weeknight.) Luckily for you, owner Fonda Tsironis has been able to maintain the place in our absence.

With over 100 different labels, the bar has an interesting and eclectic selection of only half bottles from excellent and sometimes culty producers. Fonda is a true wine lover and does not fill his list with plonk. In fact, if you are a true wine geek (like us) ask if he has any interesting "off the list" selections-- and if he does, grab them before they're gone. Now your pocketbook might smart from all the wines you taste (it's amazing that some people are put off by a $50 bottle but are happy to purchase a bunch of $30 half bottles) so we recommend going the whole distance and stuffing your gullet full of food from
Eric Simeon's kitchen. His small plates, while a touch pricey, are worth every penny. Our call is to wait until after 11pm to get a hold of his decandent Lobster Eggs Benedict (pictured.)

The bar's location and grown-up demeanor make it a good choice for an after work rendezvous and New York foodies should already know this is where hoi poloi can mingle late night with the midtown restaurant scene as chefs pile in when each of their respective establishments close.

So kick back, listen to the jazz and order another (half) bottle.

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  1. Park Blue combines some of the best wines with a variety of delightful nibbles to create a menu that spans several regions from around the world.

    The low lighting and familiar tunes create a perfect ambience that will have you staying longer than you planned.

    The staff is friendly and genuinely kind - which sometimes can be hard to find.

    I highly recommend giving Park Blue a try (also recommend the corner booth in the back).