Friday, November 17, 2006

I'll Give You a Hawaiian Punch

Well, wine lovers, I am happy to report that a movie focused on vineyards and wine and all things good and grape has hit theaters as of November 10th. Why am I so happy? Because maybe, just maybe, people will for the love of god stop talking about Sideways. I have had it up to here with references to Miles and Merlot and Pinot Noir and expensive Bordeaux with fast food burgers. Enough already.

The new movie, called A Good Year, stars Russell Crow who plays a British investment broker who moves to Provence when he inherits a vineyard from his late uncle. The clever tag line is “everything matures…eventually” (perhaps even Russell Crow) but the movie is apparently ripe for criticism. Besides the fact that reviews have slammed the film (Decanter calls it “an absolute dog”) rumor has it that it is not very kind to California wine producers. One quote, from the Napa Valley Register, has a character in the move exclaiming, “In California they don’t make wine, they make Hawaiian Punch.” Nice, real nice. That’s all the California wine industry needs — a gullible public listening to that nonsense.

Vino Girl will go see the movie despite the negative reviews. To all those California winemakers out there — let the games begin. At least it will give us something to talk about besides Sideways!


  1. Hello Winemonkey,

    We saw the movie today and thought it was a good movie that wasn’t as centered around wine as Sideways. I'm sure it won't have the impact that Sideways had, but let’s see. To me it teetered around wine gently, and the main story line was decent and kept us interested.

    Overall well worth the matinee admission we paid, but as always the popcorn and diet coke makes you feel like you've been robbed and kicked. For me this was no Sideways, just a nice story of maturity and realization with a dusting of wine notes.

    Happy Sipping!


  2. Did Vinogirl ever see the movie, and if so what did she think? I am also dying for something decent to come out to put Sideways behind us...

  3. Hi Victoria,

    It's on my list - will report back as soon as I see it!

  4. I went to see it too...

    The movie review is on my Wine Blog