Thursday, October 14, 2010

NFL Week 6 Wine Picks

As the NFL moves in to week 6, there’s no shortage of news on and off the field. Things are getting interesting and a good game, we think, deserves a suitable libation. Here are our wine picks for devotees of ten NFL teams that are topping the news of late.

The 1 and 3 Minnesota Vikings now have more to worry about than winning football games; they have to worry about Brett Favre’s elbow, as well as him possibly being exposed (unfortunate word) for his alleged antics off the field. This might qualify Vikings fans to unscrew a bottle of 2007 Hitching Post Cork Dancer Pinot Noir Santa Barbara ($32.99.) As long as the unruly Favre can be prevented from straying (i.e. tied to the hitching post) perhaps he will behave himself – or at least stay out of retirement long enough to help Randy Moss puts some points on the board.

It’s “rebuilding time” for the 0 and 5 Buffalo Bills, but does the worst start in 25 years qualify them for
purgatory or fiery hell? Bill’s owner Ralph Wilson’s message for fans is not heartening, "Two words. Pain and patience. P and P," he said. Well fans, drown your sorrows in a bottle of 2008 Dante Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve ($12.99) and wait it out until they turn things around. Oh, and get comfortable, “Inferno” is only the first part.

Depending on your perspective, the New Orleans Saints are either defending Super Bowl Champions or an inconsistent team with a sad rushing game and an injured Reggie Bush. Coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees seem confident that the 3 and 2 team can get their groove back but fans are getting sick of losing. It’s all in the way you look at it. Perhaps a good bottle of 2007 Relativity Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford ($32.99)will keep perceptions and reality in the right place.

Apparently Donovan McNabb’s lucky break was moving on to the Washington Redskins; the team is off to a good start (3 and 2) and McNabb is considered at least partially responsible. His teammates believe in him, as well as in new coach Mike Shanahan. Fans can cautiously celebrate the progress by popping a bottle of 2008 Lucky Star Chardonnay California ($9.99.)

Don’t believe the hype. That seems to be the story of this year’s Dallas Cowboys team. Early talk had the Cowboys headed to the Super Bowl, or at least on top of the NFC, but at this point their 3 losses are weighing heavy on the fans and the players alike. Unless Wade Phillips can figure out a way to put some fire in his team, 2007 Three Rocks Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ($19.99) would seem the appropriate choice to lighten the heavy mood.

The number 1 ranked, 4 and 1 Baltimore Ravens are looking good and having a fairy-tale kind of year so far. As they prepare for the Patriots, they are not taking the absence of Randy Moss as a sign of surefire victory. If they keep playing it smart – and winning – this could be an excuse to uncork the 2007 Storybook Mountain Zinfandel Mayacamas ($34.99) and toast to a fabled 2010 season.

The NY Jets are another 4 and 1 team and, as long as they work together, things can only get better. Santonio Holmes is back, Mark Sanchez is thus far interception free, and the team goal is “to improve a little bit each week.” Celebrate things going the Jets way this season by toasting with some 2008 Conspire Sauvignon Blanc Rutherford ($26.99) and hope that it’s all a means to an epic end.

The New York Giants have been up and down this year (Overall 3 and 2). There are hardworking players like Bear Pasco that will do whatever, whenever to help the team and a defensive line that’s difficult not to admire. Then there’s Eli Manning, who has too many interceptions to make fans comfortable, but is still a noted team leader. Some, like Michael Strahan, argue that more leaders need to emerge. Drink to the hardworking “donkeys” and their companions by drinking some 2008 Donkey & Goat "Four Thirteen" Red Wine Blend El Dorado ($24.99.)

Some New England Patriot supporters are concerned with the trading of Randy Moss -- and some are relieved. But the 3 and 1 team surely has more in its arsenal without him. Deion Branch, Tom Brady’s “favorite receiver” is back, the offense is more diverse, and Bill Belichick is reportedly running the defense. A bottle of 2007 Cannonball Cabernet Sauvignon California ($15.99) should do the trick for fans pondering what the team has in store.

It’s almost like, at 3 and 1, the Pittsburgh Steelers are starting over again. They had a bye last week and now ‘Big Ben’ Roethlisberger is back for a big rivalry game against the Cleveland Browns. In all, there will be a host of changes going in to this game and it seems fitting to sit back, drink a glass of 2008 Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards Prologue Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley ($24.99), and watch the action unfold.

Now we're ready for some football? Cheers!

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