Monday, May 17, 2010

Michael Broadbent's Life is an Opera -- No Really!

As big fans of wine critic and auctioneer Michael Broadbent ― and always entertained by his musings ― we were fascinated to hear that his life has become an opera. “The Lovely Ladies” is based on the premise that Broadbent is rumored to be leaving the world of wine and some of the great wines of the world, including his favorite, Bordeaux, as well as Champagne, endeavor to persuade him to stay.

The 45 minute comic opera came about when the head of Christie’s in Scotland, Sebastian Thewes, came up with the idea and actually pursued it through to production. Proceeds from the sold-out $270 seats went to a cancer charity. Broadbent attended the event ; he reportedly was looking looking dapper and was quite pleased and amused himself.

When an interviewer from Bloomberg asked Broadbent why there is such a strong connection between opera and wine, he answered, “Opera is civilized, and Champagne is civilized. I’m all in favor of civilized drinks. As opposed to those great globs of red wine girls drink in wine bars.” Ahh, he is always good for a wine-related laugh! For more of his introspective, sometimes droll reflections on wine, check out our one-time feature, “Broadbentisms."

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