Saturday, March 29, 2008

A big Drink the Good Stuff thanks to you!

A big “thanks” to all of the Drink The Good Stuff readers that answered our wine survey! We thought you might like to know a little bit about what we found out.

With over 130 surveys filled out so far (there’s still time people!) here is what we have learned about the preferences and habits of wine shoppers everywhere:

  • Somewhere around $15 - $20 is the sweetest of sweet spots for a bottle of wine.
  • Some wine shoppers spend slightly more on gift wines but some spend less than they would spend on themselves – know who your friends are!!
  • Price is not the driving factor in choosing a wine shop. It is a factor, sure, but not as influential as you might think.
  • Once again, it’s all about location, location, location. Most people shop at their “nice” neighborhood wine store.
  • There are a lot of self-proclaimed connoisseurs out there, followed closely by enthusiasts who are just discovering wine but like to be the first to try new wines. Many of these enthusiasts use the internet to search for wine information. Hmmm, sometimes market research makes good sense.
  • People are lovin’ that fabulous juice from the great state of CalifornIA. France and Italy made a play for “favorite region” but both were ultimately left in the Rutherford dust (sorry, inside California wine lovers joke!)
  • We were (justly, I suppose) chastised for at first not including Spain in the questions regarding wine regions. We added the region but sadly it never had the chance to catch up. Lo siento!

Lots of great stuff and tons of insightful commentary. Thanks again. We promise to use the information for good and not for evil. No, really! Cheers.

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