Thursday, May 03, 2007

The South of France Right Here In NYC

Who wouldn't want to visit Provence, right? With time constraints, airline fares and other irritants such as jobs, not everyone can just drop everything and jet off to France. Unless you are a jetrosexual and then my apologies for humbling you. Anyway, Vino Girl has a solution for the rest of us.

Vicki Freeman and Marc Meyer, the owners of Five Points and Cookshop in Manhattan, have purchased and revitalized Provence restaurant in Soho. The original was closed by the previous owner just over 6 months ago and, although a neighborhood favorite, the décor, food and service had become a bit — how shall we say — tired. The design has the same Provencal feel and the menu highlights the same Provencal food but both are decidedly updated. The restaurant also prints new menus every day in order to stay true to the premium, farm fresh ingredients the duo is known for. The all-important wine list is all France all the time with a focus on Southern France and, go figure, Provence.

I could tug at your heart strings and tell you that Vicki and Marc just couldn’t bear to see Provence go because they were engaged within its walls, but Vino Girl just wouldn’t go there. What I will tell you is that Vicki and Marc teamed with Chef Lynn McNeely and Aibhinn Wilson to reopen the spot and it is bustling — the place to be let me just tell you.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important tidbit — yours truly is working part time as a Sommelier serving up the best Roses and Bandols Provence has to offer. Be sure and stop by to say Bonjour to Vino Girl while enjoying a little taste of France right here in NYC. Santé!

Provence - New York

38 MacDougal St. (Prince & 6th)

New York, NY 10012
(212) 475-7500


  1. Provence serves a house red and white by the carafe, right? Tell us, what are the house wines?

  2. The red is currently from Chateau Cazal Viel from the Languedoc region of France and the white from Domaine du Mage from South West France. They are pleasant and fruity drinking wines -- perfect for "by the carafe"! And thanks for asking...

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