Thursday, January 18, 2007

Judgment of Paris: The Movie

Well as we move past Sideways, winemonkey (yes I'm back) says let's look at the next big wine movie. No, we're not talking "A Good Year" or even a Sideways sequel, no movie loving wine fans or wine loving movie fans, we are talking about The-Yet-To-Be-Named Judgment of Paris movie.

For those winos that are still in the dark, here is the quick one-two. In 1976 Steven Spurrier (now a Decanter editor), sets up a tasting of Bordeaux and California wines. Elitist French judges pick good 'ole CA over hometown fave BDX. Hilarity ensues. Journalist-in-attendance George Taber writes a book over the whole affair. Book becomes hit. Hollywood buys rights. Movie in works. Phew!

We have recently found out that vintner and screen writer, Robert Mark Kamen of the eponymous Sonoma winery Kamen, is writing the would-be screen play for this fanciful folly of French foolishness.

It has also been somewhat widely reported that the likes of Jude Law or Hugh Grant have been bandied about to play Spurrier and that Keanu Reeves is being considered for the part of famed Napa vintner Mike Grgich (the man behind the winning 1973 Chardonnay for Chateau Montelena). Now this winemonkey is wondering who might play the rest of the cast of characters and how are they going to insert the required amount of sex and violence into the movie? Let’s hope it’s not another actor on waitress scene as I’ve had my fill elsewhere.



  1. Hello friends,

    This is the 1st I'm hearing of this and only cross my fingers that its equally as good as the book : )

    Should be interesting ~~

    Happy Sipping!


  2. Well put. If in fact the script of the movie follows the authors information. It will excite as well as elevate the wine world for millions.