Monday, January 22, 2007

Pinotage Pedicure - Coming to a Location Near You

Soak Up The Good Stuff!

For all of you wine producers out there wondering what to do with the seeds, husks and vine leaves leftover during the winemaking process, deliberate no more! Delluva (Italian for “of the grape") Vinotherapy Spa has just opened in Manhattan. The spa specializes in “first class” skin care products and treatments derived from the by-products of grapes.

The concept of using wine grapes in spa treatments started in France (those French think of everything) and is now making its way around the world. The secret ingredient found in Vitus Vinifera is polyphenols which have been proven to fight ageing. Delluva Vinotherapy Spa has a trademarked product called TheraVINE™ which uses ingredients mainly from the South African Pinotage varietal. (Quite honestly, I would rather have Pinotage smeared on my face than be forced to drink it but I digress.)

The treatments, cleverly named using wine lexicon, include things like The Signature Blend Massage, The Smooth Finish (waxing, in case you needed some help figuring that one out), The Bottle, The Split, and Perfect Pairings. There is also the TheraVine™ Barrel Bath where you soak in grape extracts for nearly an hour. Who knew you could turn your wine cellar into a day spa during a glut? And just think what youthful feet you would have if you eliminated all that technology and stomped the grapes yourself?!
Something to think about.

Alas, I did not see anywhere on the website where it said you could relax with a glass of fine Bordeaux after your treatment. I for one think it’s only fair to utilize the Vitus Vinifera grape as nature intended — as a restorative libation.

Valentine's Day is coming up people so call for reservations now. Oh, and if you are thinking of donating your grape by-products to Delluva remember, this is a first class operation -- only world class grapes need apply.

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