Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What, No Wine from Paris?

Much to the disappointment of Winemonkey, I did not bring any wine back from Paris. What of this ludicrousness you ask? Well, my fellow Americans, have you looked at the exchange rate lately? One Euro is equal to approximately 1.33 U.S. dollars. Although it is certainly a romantic notion - returning with bottles of French wine from the city of lights - it simply costs more, not to mention the hassle of packing liquid in checked luggage.

I did peruse the magnificent wine stores while I was in town and checked out a few prices while I was at it. I looked into The 1998 Chateau Montrose, which I tasted at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon (ooh la la for another post) and it would have cost me at least $10 more to buy in gay Paris. The 2000 Chateau Margaux would cost me hundreds more to bring back in my suitcase. Voilà, no wine!

Certainly if I had visited Champagne or the Loire Valley, Burgundy or Bordeaux, I would have been lured into a few or more bottles and might also have been able to get my hands on things we do not see even in New York. But, alas, that is for another trip. (I woudn't even think of visiting Bordeaux without Winemonkey - the horror!)

Until my return I will just have to savor the food and wine, lights and bridges and that je ne se quai of Paris in my memory - and perhaps a bottle of good Bordeaux purchased right here in NYC. Sante!

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