Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wine Monkey to Wine Maker!

We know you have been waiting with bated-breath for more information on Taylor Senatore's escapades with the The Wine Makers-- the PBS show slated for release later next year. Well, wait no more super fans!

In what can only be described as a bizzare set of events, your favorite winemonkey was selected as a finalist for the wine-centric show and flown to Paso Robles to endure all forms of wine torture. Over the course of what seemed like forever to Taylor, but was more like a few days to the rest of us, the ruthless Doc City Productions (who Taylor believes ran the Marine Boot Camp at Parris Island before going into TV) put our boy through his paces with every conceivable wine production task.

Now, our managing editor is what we like to call a "delicate flower" when it comes to manual labor so we were quite surprised when we did not receive a call from our HMO concerning a co-payment. It looks like he was made up of stronger stuff than we had thought. Is there secretly an "S" hiding under those pocket squares and Clark Kent glasses?

Only time will tell, so get your TiVos and DVRs set to PBS and tell all your wine friends to get ready for a wild ride. We'll keep you posted.

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