Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wine Bar Quest - Peasant Wine Bar

The semi-regular juice on New York City’s growing wine bar scene

AKA Cantina 194
194 Elizabeth Street, between Prince & Spring

Perhaps Peasant figured out that being coy and calling their terrific little wine bar ‘Cantina 194’ after the address of the restaurant was not the best way to use their reputation to attract customers. At any rate, the bar is now referred to simply as Peasant Wine Bar.

The bar is located directly underneath the restaurant and you enter by following the stairs to the right of Peasant’s doorway. Although it may look like you are on your way to an abandoned basement, a warm and friendly atmosphere awaits you through the door at the bottom of the steps. The feel is ‘Italian Enoteca’ with communal tables, brick walls, non-scented white candles and a simple menu of no fuss foods. Although I must admit to being sick of all decent wine bars in NYC being Italian wine bars this one has the formula down right.

The perfect place to tuck in with a friend for a quick bite and a glass of wine, Peasant Wine Bar is also a great spot to settle in with a group and share a few bottles paired with cheeses, Italian cured meats and possibly a panini or two. The Italian wine list has some interesting selections and the descriptions provided should help even a wine novice navigate their way past the Prosecco and Chianti Classico.

PWB seems to be a popular spot for locals in the ‘hood but we think it’s worth a trip from anywhere in the City. Just grab the N/R to Prince Street or the 6 to Spring and raise a glass -- you won't get the 'boot' until 2 or 3am.

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