Monday, November 27, 2006

Calling All Wine Geeks

I had to smile when I saw Wine for Dragons latest post about the "Top Ten Signs You're a Wine Geek." Credited to the Sideways Wine Club, I have to admit the first four are dead on. The rest are really a bit too tongue-in-cheek. But any good wine geek could find at least one more to round out his score. Here are a couple from the list that hit the nail on the head.

1. You read wine blogs. (Actually, the list could end right here!)

2. You laughed when Miles said "If anybody orders Merlot, I'm leaving!", then mentioned his prize bottle was the famous merlot blend, Cheval Blanc

3. When holding a goblet of water, you absent-mindedly twirl it by its stem (this "Tasters Twitch" is a condition common among wine Geeks, for which there is no cure)

4. You have a strong (and unquestionably correct) opinion about point-based rating systems and what they are doing to the wine industry

5. You get more upset by the loss of spilled wine than the tablecloth stain it caused.

There is nothing like a list (just ask Letterman or the people at Forbes) so, we decided to add some gems from our own wine drinking experience. So, here are some from Bon Vivant's home office...

1. You aerate or chew on almost any liquid you put in your mouth.

2. You typically stand around wine stores gazing at bottles for up to 30 minutes before making your purchasing decision.

3. You look at a wine list for an inordinate amount of time while your dining party talks around you.

4. When you talk about clones, you are not talking about Star Trek or anything with an ambiguous moral dilemma.

5. You have or have had a container full of corks used as home decoration.

6. When you talk about hang time, you are not discussing a football punt or kick.

7. You know who any of these people are and/or what they do: Bob Levy, James Laube, Michel Rolland, Angelo Gaja, Helen Turley, Serena Sutcliffe, Heidi Barrett, St├ęphane Derencourt, Christian Moueix, Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta or Michael Broadbent (Bonus geekdom if you know them all- just step away from the wine bottle slowly and no one will get hurt)

How'd you do? Pretty much answering in the affirmative for any of these items gets you in the club, so welcome to the family.


  1. first 5a: You are not only upset by the loss of wine, you begin sucking the tablecloth...

    second 3a: In fact, your dining party just throws the wine list at you, like they do every time...

    second 5a: You also have a container of screw caps... (I've recently seen this!)

    thanks! - j

  2. Hmm,

    What about:

    1. having more wine glasses at home than water glasses.
    2. being able to choose your restaurant acording to your pre existing knowledge of the type of wine glasses they use.
    3. Bringing your own wine glasses to the cheap local restuarant.


  3. thanks edward,

    We forgot the glasses angle!


    I think the rule is, "If the glass has a stem on it- it gets swirled." :)

  4. The problem with being a wine geek, however, is that no one ever buys you wine anymore.

    No one I know anyway. Too scared I'll judge? (maybe I would)