Friday, October 27, 2006

A Narcissistic Experience

Is it just my imagination or has Wine Spectator been acting a little self-serving of late? At the risk of giving them even more air time, I will tell you what you probably already know which is that Wine Spectator has been hosting an event call the Wine Experience for 25 years now. This year the event was back in California where it all started in 1981 and thus dubbed ‘The California Wine Experience.’ (Crack marketing team.)

Anyway, The California Wine Experience, which took place about a week ago, has been the highly favored topic of Wine Spectator editor’s blogs recently. I have no doubt it was a great experience and, sure, there is nothing wrong with ringing your own bell once in awhile but, wow, was it a Shanken mandate that the worlds ‘California’, ‘wine’ and ‘experience’ (in that order) had to lead off every blog entry for at least two weeks?

In case you are not buying my rant and think that I am just jealous I myself was not experiencing this “joyous celebration of great wine”, let me present some recent blog excerpts from Suckling, Laube and the rest of the Spectator team.

  • One of the most extraordinary tastings during this year’s California Wine Experience…”
  • “One of the things I enjoy most about the Wine Experience…”
  • “A last weekend's California Wine Experience…”
  • “But I was thinking about this past weekend's California Wine Experience…”
  • “Before I headed out to pour at the California Wine Experience…”
  • “I found myself moved and inspired by many of the speakers at the California Wine Experience”.
  • “Every year at the Wine Experience…”
  • “We knew this year's California Wine Experience …”

Now do you see what I mean? These quotations are all from the very first paragraph of each blog. Two points off for not mentioning “California!”

Well, now that I have succeeded in mentioning the magic words more than 10 times in this post, perhaps Mr. Shanken wants to put me on the payroll. Marvin, you can reach me at or by visiting our soon-to-launch website There, I feel better just getting in a little shameless promotion myself!

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