Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fallen Star

Unlike my Bon Vivant partner, Taylor Senatore, I did not make the cut as a semi-finalist for the new PBS reality series "The Winemakers" scheduled to air next Fall. I suppose I should be upset at blowing my chance to be big star — well, as big a star as you can be on PBS anyway.

The reality of it (no pun intended) is that I never thought I would make the cut in the first place. I just wasn’t interesting enough at the casting call and now I don’t have to worry about whether America would have loved me or hated me.

Part of me looks back at the casting call and makes excuses for my weak performance. At the end of the day, however, I think I will be much happier watching Taylor strut his stuff from my couch — feet up, wine glass in hand.

I wish you luck from my fallen star, Taylor. Just remember, pocket squares may be unacceptable on the bottling line!

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