Wednesday, September 27, 2006 drink again in peace.

Just a quick post and probably not what you are thinking. No political commentary here.

Last night I sat down had some vino with some friends after a theater screening of "The Godfather" (friggin awesome- as always). However, what was truly awesome was catching a late night dinner after the movie and drinking some no name right banker while chatting and taking it all in.

No notes. No reviews. No grades. No thinking. Just me, some friends and a good bottle (thankfully). I don't get a chance to take it down a notch as much as I would like, especially since we are in high gear with our impending launch, so it was nice to just enjoy the wine and the company with out too much thinking. I implore everyone like me to do the same.

Go ahead, put down the wine list. Just put it down and let someone else pick the wine the next time you are out. You know who you are. Then don't worry about it. Drink it with dinner. Shhhhh....don't talk about it. No really. It's okay. Talk with you friends about something that is not wine related.

It's cathartic and you will thank me.

That being said... don't worry troops, I am not off the work wagon completely. I am back in the saddle over the next couple of weeks with a bevy of tastings for the site including a great Ausone vertical to 1949.

Drink up!

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