Monday, July 31, 2006

You know things are bad when...

As reported in the Independent this weekend, uber-wine corporation Constellation felt that controlling most of the known wine world was not enough tried to game the system for the JD Wetherspoon's 650 pub house wine contract by trying to convince employees to purchase their own wines back and expense it to the company.

In an email, leaked to the Bristol Evening Post, the higher-ups at Constellation noted the dismal sales of their wine (versus other would-be contract holders) and encouraged employees drink up on the companies tab.

Now, the winemonkey, does not give a twit about the dealings of Constellation and the obviously superior wine products they could not even get their own emplyees to drink (for free mind you). We live in a capitalist society and do what you need to get ahead I say (although this crosses the line a bit, but in the best sense of irony has backfired right in their faces)

What I am thinking is how can these guys not realize that if you are going to game the system; YOU DO NOT WRITE AN EMAIL ABOUT IT.

Enron anyone? Wall Street trading scandals anyone? I realize this is across the pond but come on people. At least they got what was coming to them.

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